Nature Based

South Shore, Massachusetts Summer Enrichment Camps

Looking for summer camp with a twist for your child? EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy's Enrichment Camps are jam-packed with summer fun for children who need a bit more structure to get through the camp day.

Not Your Average Summer Camp

This camp is best for children ages 5-10 years old. Note: some 4 year olds may be appropriate for this camp and will be assessed on an individual case by case basis. Contact us today to learn more!

What is our camp like?

It is 5 days of summer camp fun but through an Occupational Therapy lens. This means, each camp week has a maximum of 10 kids. There are 3-5 adults for the group, giving a high ratio of support and allowing us to focus on optimal child development skills.  Does your child receive Occupational Therapy services during the school year? If so, this is a great opportunity to give your child the “camp” experience but in a supported environment!

Our Why

Many children who have a diagnosis can not attend “regular summer camp” because it is a free for all and has very little structure – making it challenging for some. We want to bring the Summer Camp experience to all children, including the ones we serve! But the kicker is that camp is going to be run by trained pediatric specialists who are prepared for a meltdown or a child becoming overstimulated. This way, parents can feel comfortable knowing their child is in good hands for the day.


Camp is 100% outdoors, helping connect kids to nature and each other through outdoor exploration. Games and activities are modified so that all children can participate.

Enrichment camp is not a free-for-all. It is a camp with trained pediatric specialists who are well-equipped for challenges & big feelings that may arise. Parents will receive a note or video debrief at the end of each camp day so that they know what their child did during camp.

2024 Dates & Locations

Week 1: June 24-28. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA

Week 2: July 8-12. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA

Week 3: July 15-19. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach,  MARSHFIELD MA 

Week 4: July 22-26. 9am – 12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA 

“Spending 120 minutes in nature is an antidote for stress: It can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.”

Citation: Yale Environment 360, ‘Ecopsychology: How Immersion in Nature Benefits Your Health’ by Jim Robbins

The positive effects of nature exposure include improved cognitive functioning (including increased concentration, greater attention capacities, and higher academic performance), better motor coordination, reduced stress levels, increased social interaction with adults and other children, and improved social skills.

Citation: American Public Health Association. Movement to reconnect children & nature. 2007 Retrieved November 25, 2007

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders, behavior problems, and depression stand out as the most prevalent mental health diagnoses among children, reflecting a significant concern for public health and pediatric care.

Citation: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Data and Statistics on Children’s Mental Health,” 2022
Nature based occupational therapy

Who is this camp for?

Our Summer Enrichment Camp is great for ANY child! It is especially great for children who need extra support from a trained pediatric specialist. This means your child may already have a diagnosis, is on a 504 Plan or IEP at school, is in the process of undergoing testing and evaluation, or you know in your gut that your child would feel overwhelmed by traditional camp. In traditional summer camp, the people in charge are generally high school or college students who may not be equipped to handle dysregulation or emotional distress.

Meet Our Team

Founder and Occupational Therapist
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Special Education Teacher
Early Childhood Specialist


Our aim is to nurture a profound sense of confidence, self-reliance, and joy in every child, utilizing our distinctive, nature-inspired approach to occupational therapy.

Holistic Approach

What makes us unique? Our therapy adopts a play-based, holistic approach, conducted outdoors. This setting allows children to bond with nature and fosters a passion for physical activity

Valuable Techniques

We understand the importance of the family unit, so we equip family members and caregivers with therapeutic techniques and strategies to integrate into daily routines at home.

Summer enrichment camp Benefits

Nature Based Pediatric Therapy Enrichment Camp

Nature Based

Summer Enrichment Camp

Once the form has been received, a team member from EXPLORE will reach out to you within 48 hours with a confirmation email. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at the time of registration. The balance will be due 8 weeks prior to the start of camp. Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your registration before April 24, 2024, there will be no fee or penalty. If you cancel your registration after April 24, 2024, a 25% processing fee will occur.

Week 1: June 24-28. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA
Week 2: July 8-12. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA ​
Week 3: July 15-19. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA ​
Week 4: July 22-26. 9am – 12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA

EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy Enrichment Camp

$ 450 per week, per child
  • Monday - Friday, 9am - 12pm
  • Staffed by a team of skilled pediatric specialists including Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapy Students, and Special Educators
  • Nurturing environment for children who need additional supports to navigate larger group settings
  • All of our activities are true summer camp experiences of which we modify to meet your child ’ s unique needs
  • Children are welcome to join with 1:1 support if needed on a case by case basis
  • We offer sibling discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this camp is not a therapy camp. This is an enrichment camp. The camp is staffed with pediatric specialists including Occupational Therapists, OT Students, and Special Educators. Therefore, we are prepared to support children who do receive therapy services throughout the year and would benefit from unique support in a camp environment.

We will have camp rain, or shine with a couple of exceptions: If there is severe thunder & lightning during the hours of camp (9a-12p) we would not have camp. Families will be notified via email the morning of camp by 8am.

If you cancel your registration before March 1, 2024, there will be no fee or penalty. If you cancel your registration after March 1, 2024, a 25% processing fee will occur.

We use a pop-up potty tent which is large enough for adult assistance should your child require additional help with toileting. We do not have actual bathrooms or toilets; this is very much like camping in the woods! 

Yes, we have a changing pop-up tent where children are welcome to change their clothes. We can provide adult assistance if needed but do try to encourage as much independence as possible (we are OT’s after all!)

Your child must attend camp with appropriate gear. They will need a backpack that has a secure chest strap so they can wear their backpack down the trail and back at the end of camp. We do not have enough staff or room on the wagon to carry every child’s backpack. Additionally, your child will need a snack, water, sunscreen, bug spray, a change of clothes and a towel. 

Yes! We have an entire hammock swing section at camp for our quiet “corner.” Children are welcome to come and go as they need to this area of camp. There are many hammocks hung, so multiple children can access this space. The hammocks can be used for quiet time as they are big enough to be completely covered like a cocoon, or they can be used like a swing.

Yes. We do review this on a case-by-case basis during our parent interviews. Our goal is to provide a welcoming inclusive environment for all children, and we do our very best to accommodate all communication styles. 

No, unless they attend camp with a 1:1 support person or therapist. We do not have enough staff to safely welcome children who cannot stay with a group or may run from the group. It is a safety concern.  

We allow children with food allergies to have their snack in the hammock instead of on the snack tarp, or we simply have them sit a few feet away from potential allergy risks. Whatever the family is most comfortable with.