Sarah McDemus

Special Education Teacher

Sarah McDemus

Growing up in Michigan, Sarah McDemus cherished the time spent camping and exploring the great outdoors, nurturing a profound connection with nature. Her career has spanned a variety of roles dedicated to enriching the lives of children, from leading wilderness therapy programs and adventure travels to engaging with youth at nature centers and residential homes for teens.


For the past 14 years, Sarah has been a committed Science Special Education teacher at South Shore High School in Hingham. In this role, she has found great fulfillment in providing support to students facing challenges, guiding them to discover their strengths and develop new skills.


Her experience at Explore Pediatrics, playing in the woods with younger children, has been especially rewarding. It has offered her a chance to appreciate the simple joys of nature, like the delight of a mud puddle or the comfort of a warm breeze. Witnessing children learn and brighten in spirit through direct interaction with the natural world has underscored the invaluable role of nature as a living classroom.


In her personal time, Sarah finds solace and joy in hiking with her family, traveling to new destinations, and tending to her garden, continuing to cultivate her love for the natural world.


Science Special Education teacher at South Shore High School - 14 Years to date


Hiking with family