Ashley Fisher

Early Childhood Specialist

Ashley Fisher

Ashley, hailing from Massachusetts, has dedicated most of her career to the field of childcare, encompassing roles in preschools, daycare centers, public school special education programs, as well as positions in nannying and coaching. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, certifications for leading infant, toddler, and preschool programs, and a Child Development Associate credential.


From an early age, Ashley engaged in soccer, eventually sharing her passion through coaching children of various ages, backed by a national coaching diploma. Known for her vibrant and playful demeanor, Ashley possesses a blend of kindness and patience. She was naturally drawn to working with children, appreciating the endless excitement they bring and the mutual learning experiences they offer.


Ashley’s love for the great outdoors is another facet of her life. She relishes in activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, and simply enjoying the beauty of nature. In her leisure time, Ashley explores the wilderness with her son and dog, making the most of every moment spent outside.


Bachelor's degree in Sports Management


Lead infant toddler and preschool certified
Child Development Associate degree


Hiking with her son and dog