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Our occupational therapy services are guided by experienced, nationally board-certified occupational therapists who lead every session.

Active free play outdoors stimulates all of the senses

Vitamin D from sunlight strengths bones and muscles

The transformative power of the great outdoors plays a pivotal role in the development of children, shaping them into calmer, stronger, and emotionally resilient individuals. Nature’s sounds, for instance, are more than just a backdrop for play; they activate the auditory centers of children’s brains, aiding in their spatial orientation and grounding them in their environment. This immersion in natural settings significantly diminishes anxiety, boosts attention spans, and enhances self-regulation, laying the foundation for a serene and balanced emotional state. Outdoor play extends its benefits to physical health and coordination as well. It’s an all-sensory experience that encourages active engagement with the environment, which is essential for growth. Sunlight serves as a natural source of vitamin D, crucial for developing strong bones and muscles. The varied terrain of the outdoors, with its trees, rocks, and uneven surfaces, challenges children’s balance and agility, fostering their physical development. Activities considered “risky,” such as climbing or balancing on high objects, not only improve physical attributes like balance, strength, and coordination but also play a key role in combating obesity and diabetes by promoting active, physical engagement.

Calmer Kids

Nature sounds stimulate children’s auditory centers, aiding their spatial orientation, while outdoor activities reduce anxiety, boost attention spans, and improve self-regulation, highlighting nature’s role in enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

Stronger and More Coordinated Kids

Active outdoor play stimulates the senses, strengthens bones and muscles with vitamin D from sunlight, and improves balance and agility. Engaging in physical activities, including “risky” play, enhances coordination and combats obesity and diabetes, underscoring the health benefits of being active outdoors.

Socially and Emotionally Stronger Kids

Outdoor play boosts creativity, fosters friendships, and enhances independence, interpersonal skills, and resilience in children. It also promotes safer play through better risk awareness and assessment, encapsulating the comprehensive advantages of engaging with the outdoors.
Nature based occupational therapy

Our Occupational Therapy Services


Although we generally don’t think of it in this way, your child’s life is made up of occupations in the form of everyday activities. A toddler’s occupations might be playing and learning; for an older child, they might be attending school and developing skills to become more independent. For the most part, we don’t give these daily occupations much thought until a child encounters challenges with the tasks. Helping children overcome these challenges is where occupational therapy comes in. Pediatric occupational therapy supports children of all ages—newborns to teenagers—by
incorporating the occupations that are important to you and your child into the intervention process, whether it is at school, at home, during rehabilitation, or at a medical facility (

Or in our case… IN NATURE, TOO!

Meet Our Team

Founder and Occupational Therapist
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Special Education Teacher
Early Childhood Specialist


Our aim is to nurture a profound sense of confidence, self-reliance, and joy in every child, utilizing our distinctive, nature-inspired approach to occupational therapy.

Holistic Approach

What makes us unique? Our therapy adopts a play-based, holistic approach, conducted outdoors. This setting allows children to bond with nature and fosters a passion for physical activity

Valuable Techniques

We understand the importance of the family unit, so we equip family members and caregivers with therapeutic techniques and strategies to integrate into daily routines at home.

OT Consultation

$ 200 Hourly Rate
  • Perfect for a school, daycare or any setting that supports the pediatric population
  • We can discuss environmental modifications, adaptations or accommodations
  • Strategies and routines
  • Can be specific to one child or a group of children

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

$ 495
  • Formal OT Evaluation
  • (2) 60-minute In Home Visits
  • Written Report of Evaluation
  • (1) 60-minute phone/zoom consultation
  • Home Program ideas to address areas of concern ​

Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational therapists help people of all ages overcome barriers. As pediatric occupational therapists, we care about what occupies your child’s time. Is there something preventing your child from doing the things she or he wants or needs to do?

Examples of daily occupations for kids include getting dressed, brushing teeth, self-feeding, playing, social interactions, following a routine, self-regulation, attention, sensory processing,  participation in all school demands, homework, extracurricular activities, being part of a family unit.

Because we are private pay, you do not need to have a healthcare professional referral to join our services.


In other circumstances, a healthcare professional refers a child to occupational therapy services when there is a problem with attention, balance, strength, anxiety, coordination, or sensory processing.

It is time to refer to an O.T. if your child’s daily struggles are having a real negative impact on the child and family unit, at school or in another setting. Of course, children need ample time to learn new skills. However, there is a window of integration that is developmentally appropriate. 

At this time we are a fee for service provider. We do not bill insurance. If requested, we can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for out of network reimbursement. We believe this fee for service model puts the decision making back into the family and therapists hands. It allows us to pursue a treatment program dictated by the needs of the client, not what the insurance company allows.

Only if it is REALLY extreme or unsafe to be outside. With the proper gear, we still conduct our groups! Those warm summer rain storms provide some very interesting and unique sensory experiences!

Proper gear is the most important piece for success in our nature-based groups! (That means, don’t wear shoes or clothes that are brand new and you don’t want to get dirty. ) 

  • Waterproof sneakers / boots – we love minimalist footwear & we also give children the option to go barefoot when appropriate

  • Tall socks if wearing sneakers 

  • Clothing that is comfortable and not restrictive 

  • Waterproof sunscreen 

  • Hat

  • Bug spray – we love spraying our clothing/shoes/gear with Permethrin 24 hours prior to group time for ultimate tick/bug protection 

  • Winter time layering is key for our year round kiddos! Base layer of a wool blend, mid  layer of a fleece item, and a waterproof outer layer. 

  • Check out one of our favorite gear resources! The Outdoor School Shop: