Nature Based

South Shore, Massachusetts After School Therapy Groups

Each OT group is led by an experienced, nationally board-certified occupational therapist.

Children still need a childhood full of dirt, puddles, sticks, and mud

Childhood is meant to be a messy adventure, with hours spent outdoors

This generation of children spends less time outdoors than any other, and the negative impacts are astounding. Motor and speech delays, social-emotional difficulties and attention deficit disorders are all on the rise, but time outdoors is scientifically proven to help combat all of this and more!

That’s why our services take place outdoors where kids are immersed in nature.

Each OT group is led by an experienced, nationally board-certified occupational therapist. This ensures you are getting quality instruction paired with functional activities which act as a catalyst for creativity and skill building.


Instead of working in a “clinic space,” we work in blue and green spaces outdoors. Choose from the following programs for your child.

“ A primary cause of the rise in mental disorders is a decline over decades in opportunities for children and teens to play, roam, and engage in other activities independent of direct oversight and control by adults. ”

Gray, P., Lancy, D. F., Bjorklund, D. F., (2023). Decline in independent activity as acause of decline in children’s mental well-being: Summary of the evidence. The Journal ofPediatrics, 260

Childhood obesity affects 17% or 12.5 million of America's children, contributing to the rise in children's health disparities . Type 2 diabetes, asthma, vitamin D deficiency , and attention - deficit/hyperactivity disorder have also increased over the past few decades.

McCurdy, L. E., Winterbottom, K. E., Mehta, S. S., Roberts, J. R., (2010). Using nature and outdoor activity to improve children’s health. Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care, 40(5),102-117

Children aged 10 to 16 are engaging in just 12.6 minutes of vigorous physical activity daily, yet spend approximately 10.4 hours in sedentary behaviors. This imbalance highlights a concerning trend towards minimal physical exertion and increased inactive time.

Juster et al.“Major Changes Have Taken Place in How Children and Teens Spend Their Time,” 2004
Nature based occupational therapy

After School OT Groups

Our program, led by board-certified occupational therapists, offers specialized sessions in a small group setting, catering to 6 children per group with 2 dedicated occupational therapists for each group. We have designed our groups to accommodate two distinct age ranges: 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old. These groups meet weekly for 90-minute sessions, running consistently throughout the school year from September to June. Our locations are conveniently situated in several towns in Massachusetts, including Plymouth, Duxbury, Marshfield, Norwell, Milton, Hingham, and Middleborough ensuring easy access for local families. The sessions are scheduled every week from 4:00pm to 5:30pm, providing a structured and supportive environment for children’s growth and development.

Meet Our Team

Founder and Occupational Therapist
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Special Education Teacher
Early Childhood Specialist


Our aim is to nurture a profound sense of confidence, self-reliance, and joy in every child, utilizing our distinctive, nature-inspired approach to occupational therapy.

Holistic Approach

What makes us unique? Our therapy adopts a play-based, holistic approach, conducted outdoors. This setting allows children to bond with nature and fosters a passion for physical activity

Valuable Techniques

We understand the importance of the family unit, so we equip family members and caregivers with therapeutic techniques and strategies to integrate into daily routines at home.

What do our OT services include beyond groups?

Comprehensive OT Services

After School Therapy Group

Our therapists use cues of safety, sensory supports, and relationship-based interventions to support children in sessions. We are not a setting that subscribes to compliance-based ABA principles and strategies.  

Locations & Times

  • Plymouth Location on Monday’s
  • Duxbury Location on Tuesday’s 
  • Marshfield Location on Wednesday’s
  • Norwell Location on Thursday’s 
  • Milton Location on Monday’s
  • Hingham Location on Monday’s
  • Middleborough Location on Tuesday’s

Waitlist Group 

  • Cohasset Location
  • Sandwich Location 

Tier 1

After School Therapy Group Package
$ 400 Monthly
  • Weekly 90-minute small group therapy session
  • Monthly progress notes with pictures and video support and guidance for home programming
  • (1) 30-minute phone/zoom coaching call per month

Tier 2

After School Therapy Group Package
$ 500 Monthly
  • Custom Home Therapy Program
  • Weekly 90-minute small group therapy session
  • Monthly progress notes with pictures and video support with guidance for home programming
  • (1) 45-minute phone/zoom coaching call per month
  • Option to collaborate with school or childcare service provider

Tier 3

After School Therapy Group Package
$ 650 Monthly
  • Custom Home Therapy Program
  • Combination of weekly in-home therapy session and/or small group session
  • Monthly progress notes with pictures and video support
  • (2) 60-minute phone/zoom coaching call per month
  • Option to collaborate with school or childcare service provider

Frequently Asked Questions

1 time per week for 90 minutes. This is a drop off model.

We follow the public school calendar for closures. So, if the town school district is off for a holiday or vacation, we are too. We do not close our services at
any additional points throughout the school year.

Our groups begin in September when the new school year starts and run until mid-June when school gets out for summer.

Your child should be able to function in a small group setting without 1:1 support. These groups are designed to help build
confidence, independence, grit and resilience in addition to our therapeutic goals. Also, your child can not be a “flight risk” in this setting due to the child: adult ratio.

Each group has two (2) OT’s in it for every 6 children. All of our groups have a Group Assistant, as well.

Proper gear is the most important aspect to your child’s success in nature. Waterproof shoes, layers of clothing when the seasons change, and
durable clothing that allows your child to move freely in are best. We provide guidance on this as each season changes.

Yes! We do not shy away from the darkness. We offer headlamps, lanterns, and flashlights to group participants

It is always parental choice for the type of weather they will send their child in. We rarely cancel group! The extreme weather we consider for canceling a group is high winds since our groups take place in wooded areas; anything over 35 mph gusts are too risky. Regarding the cold temperatures in the winter, if it feels like 10 degrees or colder, we will either shorten the group to 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes, or in extremely cold temperatures we do not conduct group outdoors. As an alternative option, your child is welcome to join us at any of our other site locations for a make up session at any point throughout the school year, or we can schedule an additional parent coaching call or a shortened home visit.

In short, this service is first an Occupational Therapy service.Therefore, we follow the state guidelines and regulations of the therapy process. This includes an Occupational Therapy Evaluation by a licensed therapist, collaborative goal setting with the family, individualized treatment planning to address specific goals. Our treatment takes place in nature, so we can use nature as a co-facilitator. Our after school OT groups are guided by the needs established during the assessment. Specific therapy activities are planned to address the goals of each child, which is why our groups are small and have a high adult to child ratio.Documentation and progress reporting to families isrequired as part of the therapy process.