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Occupational Therapy
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Occupational Therapy South Shore Massachusetts

About Us

Here at EXPLORE, we care deeply about helping children and have a VISION to be part of disease prevention in the pediatric population. Our GOAL is to instill a sense of confidence, independence, and joy within each child through our unique, nature-based occupational therapy practice. Located on the South Shore of Massachusetts, we help families with children ages 20 months to 12 years who are facing social, emotional, motor, or sensory challenges.

About Explore

Our Unique Approach

Our practice follows the principles of the ConTiGO approach, a nature-based framework designed to guide pediatric therapists in helping children reap the many benefits of therapy in the great outdoors. With a foundation built on research in the fields of psychology, occupational therapy, and outdoor education, it is the gold standard when it comes to nature-based therapy.

Our Approach

We are the premier nature-based therapy provider here in Massachusetts

Our Services

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These groups are designed to help build confidence, independence, grit, and resilience in addition to our therapeutic goals.

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Our play groups are designed to support young children in their play skills, development, and connection to the outdoors.


Our Enrichment Camps are jam-packed with summer fun for children who need more structure to get through the camp day.


Explore O.T. services are guided by experienced, nationally board-certified occupational therapists who lead every session.


Ready to Explore Your Child’s Potential With Us


Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Nature is a natural play space for children and offers countless benefits

Calmer Kids

• Nature sounds activate the auditory center of the brain, helping children to orient themselves to their place in space.
• Spending time outdoors decreases anxiety, increases attention span, and improves self-regulation.

Stronger and More Coordinated Kids

• Active free play outdoors stimulates all of the senses
• Vitamin D from sunlight strengths bones and muscles
• Children who play among trees, large rocks, and uneven terrain have better balance and agility
• Engaging in "risky" play benefits balance, strength and coordination
• Combats obesity and diabetes by engaging in physical activity

Socially and Emotionally Stronger Kids

• Provides a stimulating mental challenge to think of imaginative and creative play schemes​
• Builds friendships through play
• Peer play happens more naturally in an outdoor setting than in any other setting
• Fosters independence and improves interpersonal skills
• Children learn patience, perseverance, and resilience
• Improved safety by having an increased awareness of abilities and risk taking

Occupational Therapy

Why People Love EXPLORE


How do I know if my child needs Occupational Therapy?

It is time to refer to an O.T. if your child’s daily struggles are having a real negative impact on the child and family unit, at school or in another setting. Of course, children need ample time to learn new skills. However, there is a window of integration that is developmentally appropriate.

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